WCT was formed in Wudinna, the centre of the Eyre Peninsula South Australia, in 1984 with the idea of meeting the needs of broad acre dry land farming.


Ian Willmott, the present sole director/owner and remaining founder after being raised on the family farm and then spending 19 years working in a stock agent company, where the focus was mainly livestock and wool, recognised the need for a company that specialised in agricultural inputs.

Back in 1984 there was a big shift in agricultural practice from the “Work Up, Work Back” sowing method to “Minimum Till” and then the progression to what we have today which is largely “No Till”.

Having sound experience in the farming industry, WCT was formed to provide farmers with a wide range of products to meet their needs.

WCT was at the forefront of providing technical knowledge on chemical applications and plant and soil nutrition and diagnosis to farmers. We were instrumental in the trials of many products before registration and release to farmers e.g. Logran. WCT which is now known as WCT RURAL continues today to conduct trial work on various chemicals and nutrients to suit local conditions.

In 2002 WCT Rural formed a branch at Elliston followed by the purchase and formation of the Ceduna branch in 2003. In 2005 the Kimba branch was opened.

WCT Rural has come along way from its humble beginnings in 1985 with three staff, to a staff of 22 people which provides a comprehensive range of products and services as well as local knoledge to the rural community.

Some of the services provided include agronomic advice, complete range of general insurance broking, livestock and wool, rural merchandise while still specialising in our core business of agricultural chemicals, fertilisers and plant and soil nutrients.


Mission Statements

» WCT Rural strives to be the company of choice.

» WCT Rural is one of the largest rural merchandise distributors on the Eyre Peninsula. Our stores across the peninsula stock a range of animal health, cropping, fencing, fertiliser, farm hardware and clothing supplies. These farm supplies are all at competitive prices because of our strong, local buying power.

» WCT Rural offers a truly comprehensive range of products and services covering all aspects of today's Agribusiness needs.

» WCT Rural services all major sectors of the agricultural industry with a strong focus on cropping, animal health, general products and rural merchandise.

» Our experienced agronomists at WCT Rural provide a complete agronomic advisory service to help farmers maximise their returns. On-farm advice and information on industry trends and developments are just some of the services available through WCT Rural

» WCT Rural is more than a store - our customers can access a range of specialist services to help them improve productivity.

» With a wealth of local experience in the industry, the WCT Rural team can supply you with all of your merchandise needs.

» We're all local people here at WCT Rural and we think that counts for a lot, too. People in the region know that we have their interests at heart and being true locals we know the conditions and what works and what doesn't.





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