Animal Health


WCT Rural stock a full range of Animal Health products and backup service for the man on the land as well as the private sector.

Some of the products available include:

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Horse, Dog, Cat, Bird, Pig, Alpaca, Sheep, Goat & Cow Fodder
  • Salt Blocks
  • Drenches
  • Back Liners
  • Mineral Supplements (Liquid)
  • Mineral Supplements (Dry)
  • Fly Control Powders
  • Fly Control Spray On
  • Worming Tablets (Dog & Cat)
  • Flea Collars (Dog & Cat)
  • CSL Vaccine’s
  • Feeder’s (Mobile & Stationery)
  • Shearing Products
  • Vac Guns
  • Electric Fencing
  • Rural Fencing
  • Portable Sheep Yards
  • Water troughs (Cement and Poly)
  • Prematrace Bullets


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